Two Megapixel Theater

1. In the Beginning
2. A Visit With Toadstool
3. Duck Hunt, Anyone?
4. Random Encounter
5. Squish
6. Zelda is my middle name
7. Doesn't anyone pay attention to Thief?
8. Where are the points?
9. Why Super Mario was one player at a time
10. They Might Be Giants
11. Red Mage Gets Shell Shocked
12. It's a Little Late Now, Red Mage
13. What You've All Been Wanting To Know
14. Only slightly like "The Matrix"
15. Fighter Finds a Friend, Thief Finds Bait
16. What Brian Wouldn't Show You
17. Together At Last
18. Red Mage Brings Up a Good Point
19. Red Mage Gets Greedy
20. Red-Faced Red Mage
21. Getting Close
22. So they are stairs to nowhere...
23. Excuses, excuses
24. If only he had jumped higher
25. This castle must be where the princess is being held!
g1. Skill Check
g2. Ancient Training Techniques