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The second guest comic is up.
Added a name to the first guest comic, and also added it to the archive. Now all we have to do is wait for the next one.
Revival. Almost.

I've put up the first guest comic in the latest comic link. For now at least (until I think of something better) I'm keeping the navigation for the guest comics separate from the "official" ones. As it also currently lacks a name, it'll be added to the archive later.
This comic, as you can see from the date on the news item below this one, is pretty much dead. I'm reworking the pages a bit for aesthetic reasons, but other than that I don't have plans to continue. I suppose the offer for putting up guest comics will stand.

Enjoy the archive.
Number two for today. I like how this one worked. It doesn't even need dialogue.
Here's one for today. I hope to get one more done for today, then I'm gone until Tuesday (or possibly only until Sunday). I won't have my whiteboard, but if you make guest comics and email them to me, if I have a chance to get at a computer I'll put them up instead.
So I saw started today's first comic. Then I went to dinner, then to see "Men in Black II," then to hang out with a group of friends and eat Krispy Kreme doughnuts. But, despite all that, I managed to come back, finish the first comic AND do the second comic. Just like I promised. I made the newest comic link point to number 22 instead of 23 since they were posted at the same time.

And it's bad that coming up with titles seems to be harder than coming up with the actual comic....

I'm tired. But I'll have two for you tomorrow. I promise.
I think this has a pitiful title. If you have a better suggestion, tell me. I'll be gone for vacation at the end of this week. If I can get really motivated in the next 3 days, I'll make extra comics and a script to load them on the appropriate days so there will still be one every day. If you can't live without a new 2MT comic every day, make sure you tell me. I wouldn't want to ruin anyone's life. And it'll be good motivation.

(Also, I fixed comic 17 from being a jpg to being a gif like all of the rest of the comics.)

So Comic 20 is up. I found a way to draw Black Mage's hair again. Other than that there's not much to say. Make some donations (see the PayPal link in the table on the left). And if you're poor, just send me email. I do find suggestions and comments useful.
This is kind of late again, but I'll bet you slack on the weekends too. And I like drawing Black Mage's hair. Its too bad he's so ashamed of it.
So I guess this is a little late, but better late than never. The one frame format is just because I wanted to draw them all in a line. I don't expect it to stick around. Although it may show up in future comics. I spent most of the night playing 'Risk' and taking (mostly bad) pictures of a cat. But I still got the comic done. Yay for me.
So if you're wondering about the different format and the different background in today's comic, it's because I was at someone else's place when I made it. I'll probably convert it later.
A few things for today. The first is that I changed Black Mage's color to a different shade of blue. Mainly because I got new markers and I could, but also to distinguish him from Thief. It's a little harder to read, but it serves its purpose. If its too hard to read, tell me and I'll try something else.

Also, I tried looking at the site on a 56k modem. I suppose I'll have to do something about the pictures being so big. On the other hand, I think those people are more likely to actually read the comic titles. But, at any rate, the new comic is up.

"I really love your comic! And I like kirby and 8-bit, so I'm super happy!" --Csonicgo

I got new markers, as evidenced by the fact that there are new colors in today's comic. That's it, I guess. If this news is boring, mail me so I have something to write about. Thanks to Csonicgo for already doing that.

So I got halfway done with today's comic and the black marker started dying on me. So I set the marker on its top and went out to three bookstores and a Kinko's and none of them had a regular-sized Expo dry erase marker. By the time I got back the marker was useable to finish the rest of today's comic. But I'll point you towards my donation link (at the bottom of the menu on the left) so I can afford more.
Episode 13 is up. It's probably the only one for today unless I have a boring night. There's a new question in the FAQ. Elftor also got added to the links page.
As promised, a second comic for today. Oh, and I added a 'Links' section.
There's not much too report on the morning comic. Yes, that means there will be another one later. And tell all of your friends. Get me more visits.
So the movie was not bad. More amusing than I expected (intentional or not) and good special effects.

After a minor drama involving the end of the tenth comic I finally finished it. See what you think.
Well let's see. I'm going to see Minority Report tonight. And there will probably be a second comic later today. And if you want to link to my site, thats fine with me...I might even return the favor.

Also, if you get a chance, tell me whether you think the pictures should be dark or light. The dark ones seem to be easier to read (to me anyways), but the lighter ones have brighter colors and better contrast. So its up to you.
Nothing exciting happened today. So in the meantime I made another comic for you. Now make my life more exciting and give me some feedback.
So here's the latest. There's not much else to say. If anything exciting happens later, I'll post an update.
It's new! There are already six comics posted, but you didn't miss anything! Its just so you can quickly get into the story. You probably want to start from the beginning. If it doesn't make sense, you should read 8-Bit Theater first. From now on it will (hopefully) be a daily comic. At least until I find a real job. And if anyone wants to hook me up with a better web host (or web page for that matter), that'd be great.